The San Pietrini offers a service of excellent quality for both tourists and pilgrims and is pleased to meet the needs of the Roman public, offering a service and a line of dishes faithful to tradition as well as many innovative dishes that do not Disappoint the gourmets.

The rustic wooden style is very nice and the elegance of the context make The San Pietrini suitable for various occasions: Evening with friends, romantic dinner, birthdays or a simple diversion to appreciate one of the best Roman kitchens. Whatever the occasion, the restaurant relies on a young staff, passionate about their work and attentive to the full satisfaction of the customer.

Why the name “The SAN PIETRINI”?

Sanpietrino is the name of the specialized worker who is responsible for the maintenance of the Vatican Basilica. It is also the name of the block of leucite used for the realization of the paved road of common use in the historical center of Rome and in St. Peter’s Square.

The name of the present Sanpietrino was born in 1725, when Monsignor Ludovico Sergardi, prefect and treasurer of the Factory of San Pietro, after a small incident happened to the papal carriage that had almost overturned, decided to pave the square With the characteristic blocks of leucite, eruptive rock typical of the volcanic areas of Lazio.

The restaurant “I San Pietrini” takes its name from this “Cubotto” protagonist of the Vatican area, because of its closeness to the colonnade of San Pietro.

The Sanpietrino is a hallmark of Rome. It Is protected as historical and architectural good and gives the city its most original, authentic, solid and eternal aspect. Just like this restaurant that, through its cuisine deeply rooted in the historical Roman tradition, but attentive to the lure of new trends, aims to do. A solid and ancient cuisine like a Sanpietrino: with dishes that are inspired to a distant time and where the flavours of the past are traceable. Like the Sanpietrini, trampled by the succession of modernity over the centuries, our dishes also open to the new.