Our Staff

The Staff of the Italian Restaurant and Pinseria The San Pietrini in San Pietro area is composed of a group of boys, friends and cooking enthusiasts who eager to test themselves with a managerial experience decide in 2008 to start a new adventure!

Thus was born the Italian Restaurant and Pinseria The San Pietrini, with the ambition to create an innovative Italian cuisine, choosing as Mission the proposal of always new dishes, that vary according to the seasonality of the products, combining elements of Tradition with original experiments, in order to always guarantee the supply of good food without boring the customers.


Alessandro Intino
Coordinator of Staff

Dorella Ferrito 
Manager of Sala

Mirko Bergamini
Chef Executive
Chef de Cuisine

Staff of Sala
Composed of many young guys that love their work, ready to welcome and serve the customers of the restaurant in the best way.