The specialties

The cuisine, in addition to the typical Romans, proposes the revisitation of Mediterranean dishes, creating tasty courses of Italian and Roman cuisine. The dishes are strictly fresh, expressed and homemade, always presented with great attention to the aesthetics of the dish. The San Pietrini also guarantees the exclusivity of some products: reductions of red wine and balsamic vinegar and the craftsmanship of sweets and their topping.


The creations of the kitchen of The San Pietrini are the work of chefs who come from renowned high-school cuisine and have trained professionally in famous restaurants. Every dish of this menu is fresh and prepared with the care expressed day by day by our chefs, during the different hours of work that precede the opening to the public. Here at “I San Pietrini” You can taste dishes of the Italian haute cuisine and the Roman tradition, with particular attention to the aesthetic taste of the courses and with high quality standards in the preparation and in the products.